所属专题:少儿双语有声读物  来源:沪江育儿    要点:玩具总动员  
编辑点评: “玩具总动员”是皮克斯的动画系列电影,共制作了三部,由华特·迪士尼影片公司和皮克斯动画工作室合作推出。主角是两个玩具:牛仔警长胡迪和太空骑警巴斯光年。《玩具总动员》是首部完全使用电脑动画技术的动画长篇,于1995年11月22日在北美公映。

New toys! 新玩具!

- Howdy, glad to meet you. - Buzz Lightyear at your service. - 你好 很高兴认识你 - 巴斯光年 乐意为您效劳

Oh, thank you. May I? Oooh. 哦 谢谢 可以吗? 哦哦

The Claw. 利爪

Well, hello there. 嗯 欢迎诸位

I thought I heard new voices. Welcome to Sunnyside, folks. 我就说自己刚刚听到了一些新声音 欢迎来到阳光幼儿园 伙计们

I’m Lotso, hugging bear. But please call me Lotso. 我是抱抱熊 请叫我抱抱熊

Buzz Lightyear. We come in... 巴斯光年 我们到此...

First thing you gotta know about me, I’m a hugger. 识人先识习 抱抱熊喜欢抱人

Look at you all. You been through a lot today, haven’t you? 看看你们 今天累坏了吧 是不是?

- Oh, it’s been horrible. - Well, you’re safe now. - 哦 不堪回首啊 - 好了 现在你们安全啦

We’re all cast-offs here. We’ve been dumped, donated... 我们都是弃儿 被抛弃 被捐赠...

yard sales, second-handed and just plain thrown out. 宅前贱卖 二手交易 甚至赤裸裸地被丢弃

But just you wait, you’ll find being donated was the best thing to ever happen to you. 且莫伤心 在这儿你们将意识到 被捐赠其实是最好的归宿

Mr. Lotso, do toys here get played with everyday? 抱抱熊先生 这儿的玩具每天都有人玩吗?

All day long. Five days a week. 周一到周五 一天24小时

- But what happens when the kids grow up? - Well now, I’ll tell you. - 当孩子们长大了呢? - 问得好 让我来告诉你

When the kids get old, new ones come in. 一群孩子长大了 又一群孩子进园来

When they get old, new ones replace them. 大孩子走了 新宝宝来了 周而复始

You’ll never be out-grown or neglected, never abandoned... 你们永远是适龄玩具 永远不会被冷落 被抛弃...

or forgotten. No owners means no heartbreak. 或是被遗忘 没有常主就意味着不会心碎

- Yee haw! - It’s a miracle! - 嘢哈! - 梦一样的生活!

And you wanted us to stay at Andy’s. 而你还叫我们留在安迪家

- Because we’re Andy’s toys! - So you got donated by this Andy, huh? - 因为我们是安迪的玩具! - 于是你们被这个安迪捐出去了 对不?

- Well, it’s his loss, Sheriff. He can’t hurt you no more. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. - 那是他的损失啊 警长 他再也不能伤害你了 - 哦不 哦不

Now let’s get you all settled in. Ken? Where is that boy? Ken! 现在来给你们安新家 肯尼呢? 那家伙到哪儿去了? 肯尼!

- New toys. - Far out. Down in a jiff, Lotso. - 来新玩具了 - 棒极了 抱抱 我马上下来

So, who’s ready for Ken’s dream tour? 那么 谁准备好了踏上肯尼的梦幻之旅?

- Let’s show our new friends where they’ll be staying. - Uh folks, if you wanna step right this way... - 带我们的新朋友参观一下他们的新家 - 啊 伙计们 请这边走...

- Hi. I’m Ken. - Barbie. - 你好 我叫肯尼 - 我叫芭比

- Have we ever met? - Uh uh. I would have remembered. - 我们以前见过吗? - 啊 没有 你这样的美人我见过一定会记住的

- Love your legwarmers. - Nice ascot. - 我喜欢你的裤袜 - 你的领带也不错

- Come on, Ken. Recess don’t last forever. - Right on, Lotso. This way, everybody. - 快点 肯尼 课间一会就过去了 - 没错 抱抱熊 诸位 这边请

You got a lot to look forward to, folks. The little ones love new toys. 伙计们 值得你们期待的东西很多 岁数小的孩子们喜欢新玩具

- What a nice bear. - And he smells like strawberries. - 多好的一只熊啊 - 而且闻起来像草莓

Folks, if I could share... here at Sunnyside we’ve got just about anything a toy could ask for... 伙计们 容我为你们介绍... 一个玩具想要得到的东西 阳光幼儿园应有尽有

Spare parts, super glue and enough fresh batteries to choke a hungry, hungry hippo. 备件 强力胶 电池 电池之足可以塞满一只极度饥饿的河马

Think you’re getting old? Well, stop your worrying. 担心老无所依? 打消这个顾虑吧

Our repair spot will keep you stuffed, puffed and lighted up. 我们的修理点会为你填充 松化 保你焕然一新

And this... well, this is where I live. Ken’s Dream House. 而这里... 正是我住的地方 肯尼的梦之屋

It has a disco, it’s got a dune buggy and a whole room just for trying on clothes. 内有迪厅 沙滩车 还有一个专用试衣间

- You have everything. - Everything, except someone to share it with. - 你拥有一切 - 一切 独缺一位女主人

You need anything at all, you just come talk to me. 如有任何需要 请告知我

Here we are. 我们到了

Well, thank you, Big Baby. Why don’t you come meet our new friends? 谢谢你 大宝宝 来见见我们的新朋友 好吗?

Poor baby. We were thrown out together... me and him. 可怜的宝宝 我和他... 我们是同时被丢弃的

Abandoned by the same owner. But we don’t need all this at Sunnyside... 被同一个主人遗弃 但在阳光幼儿园 我们不需要主人...

We own ourselves. We’re masters of our own fate. 自主命运 我们就是自己的主人

We control our own destiny. 我们掌握着自己的命运

Oh, watch out for puddles. 哦 当心脚下

Here’s where you folks will be staying. 这儿就是你们的新家啦

The Caterpillar Room. 毛毛虫小儿室

- Look at this place! - Wow! - 瞧这地方! - 哇!

- Holy moley guacamole! - Jackpot, baby! - 全能的主啊! - 中头奖了 宝贝!

Hello. Hello. Hello. 你好 你好 你好

It’s so beautiful! 太漂亮了!

Huh? What the...? 嗯? 这是...?

Oh, hey, little guy. 嘿 小家伙

How long’s it been since you all got played with? 你们有多久没被玩了?

- It’s been years. - Well, just you wait... - 好多年了 - 那么 稍安勿躁...

in a few minutes, that bell’s gonna ring and you’ll get the playtime that you’ve been dreaming of. 静候几分钟 当铃声响起 你们梦寐以求的玩耍时间就到来了

Play. Real play. I can’t wait! 玩耍 真正的玩耍 我迫不及待了!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we best be heading back. 现在 请原谅 我们也该回去了

- Welcome to Sunnyside, folks. - Thank you. Bye. - 伙计们 欢迎来到阳光幼儿园 - 谢谢 再见

- Will I see you again? - Oh, I’ll see you tonight... - 我还能再见到你吗? - 哦 我今晚就能见到你...

- in my dreams. - Ken, let’s get a move on. - 在我的睡梦中 - 肯尼 我们走吧

Barbie, come with me. Live in my Dream House. 芭比 跟我走吧 住进我的梦之屋

I know it’s crazy. I know we just met. Ah heck, you don’t know me from GI Joe... 我知道这很疯狂 我们才刚刚认识 该死 你未曾见过我在特种部队时的风姿...

- but when I look at you, I feel like we were... - Made for each other? - 但当我看到你时 我感觉我们是... - 天造地设的一对?

- Yay! - Yes! - 嘢! - 太好了!