Little Bo Peep【美国儿童歌曲】

所属专题:少儿英语歌曲  来源:沪江育儿    要点:美国Kidsongs儿童歌曲  
编辑点评: 通过优美的旋律,来帮助小朋友们学习儿歌。歌曲较有童趣,短小易唱,小朋友听歌学唱的同时还能轻轻松松学英语!今天小朋友们要学的是Little Bo Peep。

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo peep did take her sheep
Out to the meadow for grazing
She had a picnic
All of her own
While the sheep were all playing

Little Bo Peep fell fast asleep
And lost all tack of the time
While she was asleep
All of her sheep
Wandered of to play in the sunshine

She opened her eyes
To her surprise
The sheep had disappeared
She looked high and low
Oh where did they go
They don't seem to be very near

Little Bo peep found her sheep
On the other side of the stream
They just didn't think
They'd gone for a drink
The water's so sweet in the stream

Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep
But she found them and
Took them back home
She'll always know
Where ever they go
She can't ever leave
Them alone